Friday, February 22, 2013

Acceptance of Professional Training Plan for Professional Registration

As of February 20th 2013 my application (in the form of this blog) has been accepted by the Library and Information Professional Registration Board.

This means I am now a professionally registered librarian within NZ (well I will be when I pay my Annual Professional Registration Fee!).

To give prospective candidates for Professional Registration an idea of the level of work required for a Professional Training Plan (PTP) I have included below some of the relevant assessment comments made about my own PTP. This way candidates and interested individuals can compare what I felt was expected in terms of the amount of work I put in to the blog with the level of work the Professional Registration Board expected.

I know for myself that I found it difficult to estimate what level of work was required of me without having previous PTP examples to go by. This blog and these comments are one of those examples.

Assessment comments

"I have read Alan's portfolio of learning as detailed on his blog, and believe it contains more than enough detail to meet the standard required for registration."

"Each heading contains very full and comprehensive comments of what has been learned and achieved..."

"A huge piece of work which is in itself a valuable resource for others."

I hope you find this useful and if you are considering applying for Professional Registration.

My next step is to start thinking about my Revalidation Journal as registered practitioners are required to revalidate their registration every three years to retain RLIANZA status...

'Bon Voyage!'



  1. Congratulations, Alan! The journey to professional accreditation as a librarian is different in every country (and often in every state or province of a single country), so it's been very enlightening to read along with yours.

    1. Thanks Katy. Appreciate the feedback. It's encouraging me to look at pushing this blog out into the big wide web world again to see if other's might find it as useful as you have.


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